"We're Making An Impact"



C-Scope Global Life Community

Mission: iChange Nations™ and Christ Family Network believes Life giving thoughts and actions will overcome the negative thoughts and action in our world and change it for the better. The purpose of C-Scope Global Life Communities is to eradicate negativity in the world by establishing communities speaking Life and hope into every culture worldwide

Who: Global Life Producers speaking Life – short talks everyday speaking Life into every region and community in the world

Why: Because we want our world to experience Life through our Global Life Community. This will eradicate negativity

How: C-Scope Global FREE APP - Global Life Producers will have the opportunity to use and sponsor the APP to keep it moving world-wide

Instructions: Conference calls to instruct and help download the APP will be provided. In addition, qualified guests speaking on how to infuse life into every mountain of influence in our world.

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